About Snipping Turtle

Playful Paper Art for Kids and Kids at Heart

Childhood is a magical time. Remember playing in the backyard, flipping over rocks and seeing all the bugs crawling underneath? Or having a picnic with your treasured plushies in the grass? Were you just as amazed by the birds out your window as you were by the elephants at the zoo? Bring these feelings of joy and discovery into your child's bedroom with unique collage art that recalls the enchantment of nature.

My name is Jaicee and I'm the founder and artist behind Snipping Turtle. Based in the Pacific Northwest, I find inspiration from the natural world and my lifelong love of animals to create fun wall decor from cut and glued paper pieces. My mission is simple – to make your home cuter and happier with playful collage art that captures the essence of childhood wonder.

Adorable Animal Art for Kids' Rooms and Nurseries

Childhood is for fun and exploration. Make the most of this special time with cheery animal art that inspires imaginative outdoor play and encourages an appreciation for nature in your little ones. Let the vibrant colors and friendly characters spark their curiosity and love for the outdoors. Snipping Turtle art is not just decoration; it's a gateway to a world where nature is celebrated and cherished.

Happy Homes, Happy Hearts

I understand the joy that comes from seeing our loved ones happy. That's why my top priority is to add a cheerful touch to your home with my playful paper creations.

Explore our collection and let the charm of Snipping Turtle decor bring a smile to you and your loved ones. Transform your space into a haven of happiness where irresistibly cute collage art inspires delight every time you walk in the room! 🌈🐾✂️🐢